Posted by: idreamofskinnyjeans | March 22, 2011

A Girl Who Just Broke Up with Her BF Should not be Allowed into DSW

Or the mall.

There ain’t nothing a good shopping spree can’t cure.  🙂

Summer clothing and shoes!  I can not wait for warm weather! 

This morning, I ate this for breakfast:

English muffin, egg, morningstar bacon strips, black olives and laughing cow cheese.  Yummy.

Today I’m going to my bff, Leah’s, class at OU’s gym.  She’s a personal trainer there and teaches classes almost every day.  I’m going to Ab Lab and then some kind of strength training class.  Should be fun, even though I’m a little nervous because I’ve never been to a workout class.  Leah is full of energy and very funny, so I’m sure the class will be great!